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Child Welfare Officer

Child Welfare Officer

Tipperary Ladies Football are committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all young people who participate in our Gaelic Games and activities.

The appointment of a Children’s Officers at both Club and County level is an essential element in the creation of a quality atmosphere and in establishing a child and youth centered ethos at both Club and County level.

The key role of the Child Welfare Officer is to ensure the implementation and promotion of the relevant Child Welfare and Protection Codes and Guidelines for good practice in their Club/County so as to ensure that young people can participate, enjoy and benefit from our Gaelic Games in safe and enjoyable surroundings.

The Roles and Responsibilities of the Child Welare Officer

  • To promote awareness of Our Games - Our code within the club and particularly among the young players and their parents/guardians and mentors.
  • To influence policy and practice within the club in order to prioritise young players needs.
  • To ensure all mentors are aware of practices within the code i.e. Travel Permission Forms, Anti-Bullying Policy etc.
  • To encourage the involvement of parents/guardians in the club activities and co-operate with parents/guardians in ensuring that each player enjoys her involvement in Ladies Gaelic Football
  • To act as an advisory resource to mentors on best practice in Ladies Gaelic Football
  • To liaise with the female mentors assigned to teams, ensuring that she is aware of good practices contained within the Code
  • To ensure that young players know how to make concerns known to appropriate adults or agencies. Information disclosed by a player to the Child Welfare Officer should be dealt with accordingly (see Dealing with Suspected Abuse)
  • To deal with any complaints or suspected child abuse according to the Code
  • To report regularly to the Club Executive Committee
  • To monitor changes in membership and follow up any unusual dropout, absenteeism or club transfers by young players or mentors
  • To attend seminars in relation to Child Protection

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