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Club League & Championship Rules

Tipperary LGFA League & Championship Rules 2020

Fixture Dates

1. Games must be played by play dates given unless exempt under rule 15.

2. Home Club to update fixtures system of the agreed date, time, referee and venue at least two days in advance of the fixture where possible in order to advertise the fixture.


3.Home side must organise neutral referee and put on the system 2 days prior to the match being played.

4. Referees to be drawn from approved County Board list only.

Fixture System

5. Referee will update the result on the fixtures system. Clubs who have not updated the system for their home games will be liable to a €10 fine for a 1st offence and doubled hereafter for every subsequent offence.


6. Where a team cannot field on or before the play by date the Fixtures Committee have the power to propose the awarding the result to the opposing team.

7. Any team failing to fulfil two fixtures will be expelled from the competition and a fine of €100. A team awarded a walkover by the Fixtures Committee will be deemed to have fulfilled that fixture.

8. Walkovers may not be taken into account by the County Board for regrading purposes.

9. Clubs giving walkovers may be levied a fine up to a maximum of €100 for the first walkover and a maximum of €150 for subsequent walkovers. 2 points will be deducted from a team that gives a walkover in a championship fixture (this does not apply to a League fixture).

Final League Standings

10. In the event of two teams finishing level on league points their head to head record will be taken into account. The winner of the head to head match will be ranked higher. If their head to head result was a draw then a playoff will take place.

11. In the event of three teams finishing level on points and where there is no clear head to head winner, it will go on points scored (over the bar).

First Fifteens

12. Clubs with second teams in the league must nominate their best fifteen active players who will only be permitted to play with their first team. Players not named on the first 15 can play with the A and the B team for the league.

13. Clubs with second teams in the championship must nominate their best fifteen active players who will only be permitted to play with their first team. You can regrade 5 players from the A team to play with the B team. If they play a championship game with the A team they can no longer play with the B team.

14. The Board shall rule on any disputes of “best fifteen” players, any breach of this rule will result in a €100 fine and the expulsion for the team involved.

Emergency Circumstances

15. In the case where a game has to be postponed due to an emergency i.e. extreme weather conditions or a bereavement the game will be re-fixed within 7 days of the original fixture. The clubs will be notified of the changed date within 2 days of the fixture change.

16. Final dates can only be changed by the County Board.

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